Trias Global Ambassador Program

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  1. Establishing and developing Trias local community, contributing to the construction of Trias global community;
  2. Write/Translate blog or other articles in your language and post them on official media channels or local media to improve the awareness of targeted audiences;
  3. Searching potential partners in local market and identify opportunities for cooperation or other forms of participation in local national events;
  4. Participate in a variety of activities that can promote the development of Trias, speak for Trias at conferences, workshops and gatherings;
  1. You are eligible to get official permission for maintain local operation activities (online & offline);
  2. You will be noticed about global marketing grants and bonuses for events in different countries;
  3. You can represent Trias to participate important local events and develop partners;
  4. You will be invited to exclusive Trias events, special access for ambassadors only, and access to conference calls with core team members.
  5. Obtain higher interest rates in the Staking Auction where the ambassador can exercise privileges (there are a small number of cases where the Stakig pool is only open to specific groups of people).
Staking rate of Ambassador



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