Answering Questions from the Community (Sept 2022)

1. What is the advantage of Trias compared with other competitive projects on the market?

2. Can you update the recent progress that happened on the eco-projects? What updates can the community expect to happen to the three eco-projects in the next few months?

3. Apart from the three eco-projects (Triathon, Ethanim, and Tusima), what about the rest eco-members? Are there any updates about them?

4. Question regarding the Trias mainnet going online.

5. Question regarding exchange listing

6. What is the primary advantage of owning the Trias token?

7. Recently, there has been news about the loosening of restrictions on crypto in China. Does it have an impact on Trias? And you’ve started your overseas business trip early this month, so how’s it going?

8. The Ethereum Merge must be the biggest news that happened recently in the crypto space. Will it have an impact on Trias?

9. Are there any updates about the cooperation with CertiK?



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