Announcement: Launch of NetX TSC Testnet

2 min readMay 11, 2024

In this exhilarating month of May, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of the NetX TSC testnet on next week! This milestone is not merely a testing phase; it marks the progressive realization of NetX’s ambitious vision. We are pioneering the future, shaping the way decentralized ecosystems operate, interact, and evolve.

Significance of the TSC Testnet

Prior to the official mainnet launch, we cordially invite all community members to thoroughly experience the public testnet and participate in stress testing to ensure a stable and smooth operation upon mainnet deployment. We highly value and actively listen to community suggestions and feedback during the testnet’s usage. Based on the collected data, we will perform necessary optimizations and upgrades to the mainnet.

Upon testnet launch, the testnet faucet will be provided, allowing users to claim testnet tokens to experience mainnet functions. We will subsequently publish a comprehensive tutorial covering crucial steps such as retrieving test tokens from the faucet and adding the testnet to wallets. Please exercise patience as this process not only provides valuable testing opportunities but also marks a significant moment for the community to witness the development of NetX.

Testnet supports the following features:

The public testnet serves as a vital development environment for the TSC Trusted Smart Chain, offering the following functionalities:

  1. Resource Provisioning: Users can create test addresses and obtain testnet funds, facilitating experimentation without risk.
  2. Risk-Free Development and Testing: The testnet enables developers to build and test applications using TSC Trusted Smart Chain tutorials and resources, mitigating the potential loss of real assets.
  3. Compatibility Testing: Developers can assess the compatibility of their applications with new versions of the TSC Trusted Smart Chain, ensuring seamless integration and identifying potential issues before mainnet deployment.
  4. Efficient Data Analysis: The testnet provides a smaller, more focused dataset compared to the mainnet, allowing for streamlined analysis of blockchain data and efficient testing procedures.

By leveraging the public testnet, developers can confidently iterate, refine, and optimize their applications within a secure and controlled environment, ultimately contributing to the growth and robustness of the TSC Trusted Smart Chain ecosystem.

We sincerely thank all our partners and community users for their unwavering support of the NetX ecosystem. If you have any questions, please join the Official Telegram Community for help and stay tuned for more!




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