A review on Trias Avatar Design Contest

On November 24th, we launched the Trias Avatar Design Contest, which has been pretty popular among Triasurers.

Totally, we have received 153 pieces of works and distributed 221 Triathon NFT parts as rewards🎉🎉🎉. Thanks for the support from all participants and Triasurers.

The grading details, rank and distribution are in the form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fr38upcCN3Mpo2ACDxKMV9UaDl3EQgvZ6mYdoMwCy9s/edit#gid=1410476495

And to express our gratitude, we put those avatars in galleries. Tour around the galleries to view the works!

No.1–No.44: https://oncyber.io/exhibits/NRnjhahBWCtjpALUWfWe

No.45–No.88: https://oncyber.io/exhibits/71Gz94WVsjB3lFmjMUnq

No.89 — No.132: https://oncyber.io/exhibits/G8u64ZsMA2wMxYjiqbBW

No.133–No.153: https://oncyber.io/exhibits/fCjb4h0nJE7zKd51cUSf

Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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