A letter to the Trias Community (Feb 2024)

10 min readFeb 18, 2024

Dear TRIAS community,

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and trust in our thriving ecosystem. Your enthusiasm and dedication serve as the driving force behind our continuous progress, propelling us forward towards our shared objectives.

Behind the scenes, extraordinary developments are taking place, which may not always be visible to our investors until the development cycle concludes, and everything is unveiled according to our agreements. Rest assured, these developments are substantial and will contribute significantly to the growth of the Trias ecosystem.

In this letter, we would like to highlight some of the important progress and plans we have made recently. These achievements not only represent technological breakthroughs, but also lay a solid foundation for the future development of TRIAS.

Community Support and Engagement:

Firstly, we are pleased to announce that the total number of TRIAS holder addresses has exceeded 27,000+, demonstrating the continued growth and support of our community.

Secondly, Trias has now partnered with four exchanges, and we are in the planning stages of cooperation with a fifth exchange, which will provide more convenience for investors.

In addition, we have expanded the application scenarios of Trias’ Trusted Computing solutions across various fields, paving the way for widespread technological application.

Finally, we have launched the mainnet internally and are conducting various tests to ensure platform stability and security. These milestones showcase our team’s hard work and perseverance. We will continue to make progress and drive the development of Trias, achieving even greater accomplishments.

We also want to emphasize the importance we place on community feedback. Your opinions and suggestions are very important to us. We will listen carefully and strive to incorporate your voice into our decisions. In this process, we will also actively improve our communication channels to better interact with the community.

1. Trias Progress

🔹The brand new TRIAS website is now fully Launched!

This is the result of our team’s efforts to improve the user experience. We believe this completely new website will provide you with a more enjoyable and convenient browsing and use experience.

Not only has the new website been completely upgraded in terms of appearance and design, more importantly, we have reorganized and optimized the website content to better convey the core value and development direction of the TRIAS project. You will be able to more easily understand our team, technology, partners and latest news and updates.

🔹Trias Mainnet:

The TRIAS mainnet has reached go-live status and is currently undergoing its final round of testing.We are moving towards official launch, marking an important milestone in our project! However, that is not all that we are aiming to accomplish.

While finalizing our strategic partnerships for the promotion of the mainnet release, we will ensure that the full reveal of the mainnet will be at the optimal market conditions, ensuring this milestone garners the attention it rightfully deserves.

During the test phase, the TRIAS mainnet is undergoing rigorous internal testing to ensure stability and security. We are conducting various tests, including but not limited to node stability testing, transaction processing capability testing, smart contract function testing, and security testing. These tests will ensure that our mainnet will be able to withstand diverse conditions and provide users with safe and reliable services.

In addition to testing, we will also continuously improve mainnet functionality. Our goal is to support more transaction types, optimize the smart contract development environment, and enhance cross-chain interoperability to meet growing user demand and lay a solid foundation for the development of the TRIAS ecosystem.

To allow community members to participate more deeply in mainnet testing and experience, we will organize a series of activities including node recruitment, airdrops, developer contests, etc. aimed at encouraging community participation and contribution to mainnet enhancement and growth.

The overall mainnet development comprises of many technological advancements, integrations, migrations and other foundational improvements that will take Trias ecosystem to a much different level. As we lay down the main structure in place, it will not mark the end of our progress, but instead, it will enable the technological foundation that is necessary to constantly evolve towards achieving our greater vision.

Regarding the official mainnet launch schedule, we are aiming to launch the first version of the mainnet to the community in Q1 2024. The specific timeline will be adjusted based on testing progress and community feedback, to ensure we can welcome the mainnet’s official launch in optimal condition.

2. Compliance work in the Japanese market

Regarding TRIAS’ compliance work in the Japanese market, we have always placed high importance and are actively exploring suitable regulatory paths aligned with our development.

We have been in close communication with partners in Japan and provided feedback and suggestions on exchange compliance materials. At the same time, we are also actively preparing subsequent project materials to meet compliance requirements.

Recently, we have initiated preliminary communication with one of the largest compliant exchanges in Japan and understood their project compliance requirements. We conducted a detailed review of the relevant materials provided by the exchange and proposed some areas for improvement. Currently, we are further optimizing project materials based on the feedback from the exchange to ensure alignment with Japan’s market compliance standards.

We will continue to maintain close communication with partners in Japan and proactively push forward compliance work. This cooperation will lay a solid foundation for the development of TRIAS in the Japanese market, providing users with a safe and reliable trading environment and boosting the long-term development of the project.

3. TRIAS ecosystem will jointly build an AI computing power base in Japan with partners, which will be a major step forward in the field of artificial intelligence, and will lay a solid foundation for TRIAS’ future development.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, demand for computing power continues to grow. As a leading AI blockchain platform, TRIAS ecosystem is committed to promoting the adoption and application of AI technology. In order to meet this growing demand for computing power, we have decided to jointly build an AI computing power base in Japan together with our partners.

According to our partnership agreement, Triathon will provide technical support and resources, while our partners will be responsible for providing venues and operations services. We believe that such cooperation will fully leverage each other’s strengths to jointly boost artificial intelligence technology development.

At this AI computing power base, we will provide high-performance AI computing resources for the Japanese region, while also providing AI application development support and AI talent training services. These abundant services will provide strong support for the application and development of AI technology in Japan, while also providing TRIAS ecosystem participants with more convenient, efficient AI computing power services.

We believe that by creating an AI computing power base in Japan with partners, the TRIAS ecosystem will be better able to meet market demands, promote the development of AI technology, and make a positive contribution to the prosperity of the TRIAS ecosystem.

4. NetX Community Whitepaper

In collaboration with the Oxford-Octa Research Laboratory, we will release a community version whitepaper. This collaboration brings together Oxford University’s outstanding expertise in academic research and scientific innovation, combined with TRIAS’ extensive expertise in blockchain technology. The community version whitepaper will be released in March 2024, aiming to introduce TRIAS NetX’s technical architecture, main functions and application scenarios to the community in plain language.

Through this whitepaper, we hope to demonstrate the potential of TRIAS NetX to the community and provide more in-depth opportunities for everyone to understand and participate. We hope that this whitepaper will bring some more insight about how the overall Trias ecosystem will function, and what to expect from the upcoming developments and mainnet moving forward.

5. TRIAS Government Cooperation: Empowering government services with trusted computing

🔹Cooperation Background

With the continuous development of blockchain technology, its application potential in the government domain is increasingly recognized. As a leading blockchain platform, Trias’ Trusted Layer technology has characteristics such as high performance, security, and scalability, garnering the attention of governmental entities across multiple countries.

🔹Cooperation Contents

TRIAS’ cooperation with governmental entities is mainly focused on the following aspects:

- Trusted Computing: Leverage Trias’ Trusted Layer blockchain technology to build a trusted management system, providing governments with a secure and trusted computing environment, protecting data security and privacy.

- Identity Recognition: Leverage Trias’ Trusted Layer blockchain technology to build a secure and reliable identity recognition system, effectively addressing issues like identity fraud and impersonation, improving government service efficiency and security.

- Data Management: Leverage Trias Tier-1 blockchain technology to achieve secure data storage and sharing, breaking data silos and enabling interconnected data, assisting improvements in government governance capabilities.

- Supply Chain Management: Leverage Trias’ Trusted Layer blockchain technology to build a transparent and traceable supply chain management system, improving supply chain efficiency and transparency, and safeguarding product quality and safety.

- RWA Financial Services: TrustedFi and Finance jointly built a brand new RWA financial service system based on the Trias Trusted Network, providing governments with secure, trusted financial services, assisting improvements in government financial regulation capabilities.

🔹Cooperation Progress

TRIAS has established cooperative relationships with the governmental entities of several countries and has achieved some phased results. Specific details cannot be disclosed due to NDAs.

6. TRIAS is initiating communication with the 5th official partner exchange, please stay tuned.

To further expand TRIAS’ influence and user base, TRIAS is actively partnering with leading global exchanges. TRIAS currently has partnerships with 4 top-tier exchanges and has listed the TRIAS token for trading. TRIAS is initiating communication with the 5th official exchange partner. This exchange is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platforms with millions of active users. Reaching a partnership with the 5th official exchange will further enhance TRIAS’ token liquidity and awareness, attracting more users to join the TRIAS ecosystem. TRIAS will continue to actively partner with leading global exchanges, promoting the TRIAS token to more users, laying the foundation for TRIAS ecosystem prosperity.

7. Communication with Kucoin, ST and other progress

The TRIAS team has been maintaining close communication with the KuCoin team and actively promoting matters related to the TRIAS token on KuCoin.

Although the processing efficiency has slowed down somewhat due to some interference and influence from external factors, leading to delays in TRIAS token processing, the TRIAS team attaches great importance to TRIAS token affairs on KuCoin and is actively cooperating with the KuCoin team to resolve related issues. We have supplemented and submitted more materials, and KuCoin has also added relevant personnel to assist with processing.

We will continue to maintain communication with the KuCoin team and pay close attention the latest developments. We will provide timely feedback to the community through official channels as soon as there is any new information.

8. Ethanim

🔹Bitcoin Inscription BEPU:

The Ethanim project successfully issued the Bitcoin Inscription Bepu! Bepu is a metaverse platform based on Bitcoin that provides users new opportunities to create and manage virtual assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.

🔹Bitcoin Metaverse:

BEPU brings Bitcoin users a whole new experience. They can create their own virtual avatars, purchase virtual land and items, and interact with other users on the BEPU platform. This introduces endless possibilities to the Bitcoin community, allowing them to participate in the metaverse trend and create their own digital worlds.

🔹Exchange Communication:

To facilitate users to purchase and trade BEPU assets, the Ethanim team is actively communicating with multiple exchanges. We plan to launch BEPU on exchanges to allow more people to easily participate in this exciting metaverse project.

9. Tusima: DA Layer and Modular Layer 2

Tusima has made the following progress in DA Layer and modular Layer 2 research:

- TEE-DA solution: Tusima has developed a TEE-based DA solution that effectively improves data security and integrity by leveraging TEE technology. By using TEE, Tusima can ensure data is protected at runtime, thus effectively preventing the risk of data being tampered with or leaked.

- ZK-Rollup solution: Tusima has developed a ZK-based Rollup solution that effectively reduces data costs by generating and verifying zero-knowledge proofs off-chain, and can improve blockchain scalability. By adopting the ZK-Rollup solution, Tusima can achieve higher transaction throughput and lower transaction costs while ensuring data privacy.

- Modular Layer 2 Architecture: Tusima designed a modular Layer 2 architecture that can flexibly support various application scenarios. By modularizing the Layer 2 network, Tusima can quickly build adaptive and high-performance Layer 2 solutions tailored to different needs and scenarios, thus providing customized support and services for different types of applications.

- Tusima’s zkBridge: Now supports multiple chains: Ethereum Goerli, zkSync Era Testnet, and Binance Smart Chain Testnet Network.

10. Triathon: Product roadmap update coming soon, opening a new chapter in intelligent security!

- Triathon participates in the construction of the AI computing power base in Japan. Triathon will be one of the first ecological projects to use the AI computing power base.

- Triathon issued the governance token GROW, which will be used for community governance and incentivizing ecosystem participants. GROW will be launched on Gate exchange on February 19, and on 2 other exchanges subsequently. It will serve as an integral part on building a DAO structure for the ecosystem while enabling a healthier community involvement. As time goes on, it’s role and functions will develop even further to encompass a wide variety of functions related to governance and community incentives.

- Triathon will soon release an updated phased product roadmap, which will further integrate Artificial Intelligent Agents (AIA) and Decentralized Science (DeSci) concepts, with the goal of building a more secure, reliable and sustainable Web3 security ecosystem that features trusted, controllable, autonomously evolvable intelligent security systems. The roadmap is being drafted and will be announced to everyone in next few weeks.

11. Leviatom

Leviatom is a high-performance, secure, and scalable decentralized cloud computing infrastructure for Web3.0. We are pleased to announce that the testnet block explorer has been launched! This marks that the Leviatom network is developing in a more mature and robust direction.

Going forward, we plan to enable interconnection between the Leviatom network and the Trias network. This move will provide users with more diverse and powerful cloud computing services, promoting the development of the entire Web3.0 ecosystem. We believe that through the combination of Leviatom and Trias networks, we will bring users safer, more efficient and reliable decentralized cloud computing and trusted computing solutions. Please look forward to our further developments.


We want to emphasize that regardless of challenges, the TRIAS ecosystem is constantly evolving and stronger than ever before. Sometimes solving issues may require extra effort and more time, but please trust that we will always treat them seriously and be prepared to overcome any obstacles we may face today and in the future. In any case, these difficulties will ultimately be overcome, and we will realize our vision for TRIAS.

Once again, thank you for your support and dedication.

Trias Team




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