A letter to the Trias Community

6 min readNov 30, 2023


Dear Trias family,

I would like to salute you all, starting with a big thank you to our community. The TRIAS family has become such a great community over the years, and it really makes us proud to see that we have such dedication and support from you. It motivates us to continue trying our best no matter what challenges we come across, and it gives us the necessary fuel to tackle every step along the path to our dream of a better world powered by TRIAS.

Before going into specifics and details, I would like to first announce that I will be returning to the community and spending more time interacting with you all. I am aware that it has been some time since I engaged with the community and i recognize that solely doing AMA is not enough, but I think that now is a good time to change that as TRIAS is entering a new chapter in its development. Recently, TRIAS has made tremendous achievements in terms of technological advancements and business connections, and I am happy to say that the project is very much on an upwards trajectory in terms of development since its inception.

In the past, I’ve talked about TRIAS not being the most hype-driven project compared to others in the space. This has always been intentional, as in periods of silence, we work relentlessly to bring you real results instead of empty promises. It is a part of our overall vision of having actual impact in the world, as we are not interested in creating attention without substance, but instead to have our work speak for itself when the time is right.

I can confidently say that we are very happy with the overall progress of TRIAS, as we stand stronger than ever in terms of our fundamental and developmental state. You can be assured that we have always been here, aware, dedicated and working.

I have read your messages and comments, and I am grateful to the community for your feedback. I know that you have been patiently waiting for some important updates about the upcoming developments, but also the solutions to some unforeseen issues we had to face over the last weeks. I would like to update you on certain key developments about things we can share right now.

First of all, let me start with some exciting news:

TRIAS mainnet update accelerated:
(1) Through communication between our management team and our partners, we decided to fast track the progress and update the TRIAS mainnet in advance, much earlier than expected. The mainnet will be a revolutionary step in the development cycle of our project, making TRIAS utilize its own cutting-edge network. The team is currently carrying out the configurations and adjustments related to the mainnet update. We’re working with multiple existing and new partners on technology, promotions, and overall operations to make this happen. We are happy to say that we already outlined and agreed on the overall plan, with minor details remaining for full finalization. If all goes well, we are targeting to have the mainnet updated and running in December!

Please understand that due to the nature of business agreements, we can’t always disclose the exact progress at all times as most are covered under NDAs. It was certainly not our wish to leave our community waiting in the dark but it was a necessity we had to abide by. An official announcement with more information of the update and partners will come as soon as we are able to disclose the exact details to the public.

(2) In conjunction with the release of the TRIAS mainnet update, the TRIAS website will also undergo a simultaneous upgrade (aiming for completion in December). We are excited to unveil a fresh and updated brand and image for TRIAS, showcasing the culmination of our efforts and demonstrating the advancement of our ecosystem.

Secondly, regarding the progress of ERC20 deposits and ST tag related matters:

Thank you for your patience in this period of difficulty. Due to unforeseen events, and requirements from external parties, we ended up having to deal with some obstacles that need solutions.

Please know that this situation arises not from a fundamental problem within the project, but more from necessary adjustments that required the cooperation of multiple parties. Rest assured, we have worked endlessly and tried our best to fulfill our part in handling the requirements for a solution as fast as possible while we strived to also turn the situation around, into something that was not just a solution, but to bring us to a state that would make our standing better than before.

Progress on ERC20 deposits: It is worth mentioning that no matter what happens, once the mainnet completes its final update, the entire issue will become a thing of the past.

With that said, if we can find an even quicker solution to get the matter sorted before the update of the mainnet, we will definitely get that implemented in the meantime. Here are some updates on that front:

(1) We have completed the internal review of Bitmart’s opening of ERC20. Due to the new regulation compliance requirements of the exchange, we are providing a legal document on confirmation for the “non-security” nature of our token. After the submission is completed, it is expected to open related deposits before December 8.

(2) We also already submitted an expedited request to the KuCoin team, to see if we can open the deposits before waiting for the mainnet update. It is still under evaluation for the time being.

When it comes to the ST tag situation, we’re very grateful to our partners at KuCoin for their support. We have compiled and submitted relevant materials and conducted 5 related meetings with them to bring the matter to a resolution. The overall progress of the issue has reached 90% completion, with some final details that still need to be worked out. Until these details are ironed out, we can’t share more news, but we want to assure you that this will get sorted as soon as possible.

Finally, I would like to share some updated progress on our ecological projects.

Triathon will have successfully launched 6 security detection services with the launch of ChainShadow, an onchain analysis tool, and will launch the SecurityGuard service this week. SecurityGuard is a comprehensive platform that integrates all of Triathon’s security detection products and other services, aiming to provide Web3 users with a convenient, seamless and efficient access and user experience.

So far, Triathon has provided users with more than 4,619,086 security detection services and successfully protected wallet assets worth nearly $1.2 billion!

As a Web3 Layer 2 privacy financial infrastructure, we’re actively promoting the implementation of blockchain financial applications and working closely with Japanese offline payment platforms. This cooperation is progressing smoothly. According to internal test data, the maximum TPS of our system can reach 12,000, and the total transaction volume is already in the tens of millions, reaching 59,041,112. When it comes to merchants on the platform, our numbers have increased from 4,844 to 11,638, and the number of payment devices increased from 91,772 to 169,237!

In addition, the number of transactions on the Tusima zkBridge test network has reached 93,755. Another noteworthy metric is transaction volumes on the Georil and zkSync networks, with 47,764 and 42,079 transactions respectively (the highest so far).

🪐 Leviatom
As mentioned earlier in this letter, Leviatom plans to update the official website and the main network really soon, in December. Preparations are currently underway, so stay tuned for more exciting content.

The summary would be that no matter what, TRIAS continues to grow and is stronger than ever. Sometimes things take extra effort and more time than we would like to spend on them, but know that we will always work with attention to deal with whatever obstacles we might face today and in the future. They will always be solved eventually, no matter what it takes and we will achieve our vision for TRIAS.

A big thank you again for your support and dedication.





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