A GameFi crowd-sourcing chain testing platform? Triathon is much more than that


At the beginning of the project, Triathon was designed as a gamified testing platform, but with the addition of Mainstage, Triathon’s vision and positioning will make it more ambitious. Users can participate in the staking and earn rewards by generating NFT through Mainstage deployment code. Projects can use MainStage for automated auditing, ITO on the Triathon platform, and ultimately empower the entire Trias ecosystem.

In the design of Trias Ecology, Triathon project was proposed as a testing platform and launcher. Triathon was originally used to verify the security and performance of Trias test network. In order to enable users to better understand and engage with ordinary users, Triathon added GameFi and NFT concepts. Users can participate in the testing process in a GameFi way.

For example, in Triathon’s existing features, you can forge Destroyer, Delusionist, Daemon, and Dungeon as Hulls, then use Parts to create Ships of various shapes. These Ships represent different test events in the test process, such as false transactions, vulnerability attacks, node attacks and pressure tests, etc. Users can stake these Ships in Farm to participate in the test process and get rewards of GEON tokens.

But is Triathon just a gamified testing platform?

As mentioned above, the concept of Triathon gamification is proposed for ordinary users. A more accurate description would be users who do not have code knowledge. For users who already have a certain technical basis, Triathon also has another gameplay — Mainstage.

In Mainstage, users can put technologies and ideas into practice and deploy their own code to participate in Triathon platform testing. Mainstage introduces the ability to generate NFT using code. Users can get unique Ships NFT by deploying code on MainStage. These NFT are packaged with programming logic, and like Lego bricks, participants can create test procedures by combining different test codes.

In addition, NFT generated by deploying code can be mortgaged to a Farm in the same way as NFT participating users are mortgaged to a Farm, and will also earn GEON rewards.

In the future, Mainstage will be further upgraded to an automated smart contract audit platform, allowing users to create applications or deploy smart contract code to Mainstage for security audits.

Mainstage uses automated auditing to reduce the complexity of manual auditing and reduce the false positive rate, ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the audit process. Meanwhile, Mainstage does not modify or damage the source code, so users do not have to worry about the security of smart contracts. Mainstage also automatically generates audit reports and proposes improvement suggestions after the audit, helping users quickly locate problems and rectify them in time.

For some start-up projects, this method can find and fix security problems at a low cost. Compared with purchasing security services from a centralized audit firm, Mainstage’s automated audit can save costs and improve audit efficiency.

In addition, projects that pass audits at Mainstage will be eligible to make an ITO (Initial Test Offering) at Triathon. During the ITO period, the project will undergo stress testing, TPS testing and multiple attack tests. When passing these tests, the project will be proven to be of high quality and full of potential, and qualified to receive user sponsorship from The Triathon platform. After ITO is completed, Triathon will support the projects in technology, capital, community and other dimensions to maximize the quality of the project and protect the rights and interests of users.

For Trias ecology, high-quality assets can bring continuous value capture to users and attract users to actively participate in ITO. After a large number of users and funds are deposited on Triathon platform, Triathon will also become the preferred platform for high-quality project issuance and financing. Through such positive feedback between users and projects, Triathon can open a new traffic portal for the Trias ecosystem, bringing in a steady stream of users and money.

Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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