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  • Black box tests are the Wind Tunnel Tests in Blockchain Space.

In the autumn of 1901, two young men were riding a bicycle back and forth on the streets of Dayton, with a horizontal wheel attached to its handles.

In grant 1, we propose a Quadratic Voting mechanism to make community voting fairer ( An NFT Auction Model and Mechanism is the second research conducted by DAOeco on BNB Grant. This study will propose a new NFT auction mechanism aiming to solve the problem in the current NFT market to improve the liquidity of NFT trading market and benefit creators and participants through the combination of NFT and DeFi and the release of liquidity in the transaction.

The Introduction to NFT

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique digital asset with uniqueness, scarcity and non-replicability.

In recent years, NFT has been used widely in…

Community Updates

1. With 10 dimensions and 100+ testing indicators, the Code Book of Genesis has been published. Details:

With the release of Triathon, many comments and thoughts related to Triathon have emerged. These comments and thoughts are meaningful and we want to trigger more discussions, which can not only feed our subsequent design of Triathon, but also promote in-depth communication in the community and improve the quality of it. Thus, we are going to hold Triathon Infographic Contest!

Contest Info

Starting Time: September 6th

Ending Time: September 20th

The Number of Winners: 3

Rewards: 100 TRIAS for each winner

Note: Submission and voting are carried out simultaneously, so it is recommended that you submit the works as soon as possible.


The NFT mining to celebrate BSC anniversary in SecondLive metaverse has started. Users who claim NFTs from blind boxes can participate in mining events: Stake NFTs to earn TRIAS.

Event info

Starting Time: 12:00 PM September 2nd

Mining Cycle: 7 days

Mining Pool: TRIAS worthy of $ 10,000


Bind Email with your wallet address

  1. Enter the event page:

On September 1st, we held an AMA with our CEO Dr. Anbang Ruan to talk about Triathon Whitepaper ( Here is the recap.

There are two sessions in this AMA:

1. Online interview. Dr. Anbang Ruan@anbangr will answer some of the questions we’ve collected before. Triasurers who raised those questions will receive LV6 Sea Monster NFTs as rewards.

2. Free Q&A session by @anbangr and Community members. @anbangr will pick good questions with an LV6 Sea Monster NFT each.

Selected Q&A session

1. Can you please explain what you mean with Triathon Token and what’s the difference between Trias token and Triathon token?

Community Updates

1.Triathon Whitepaper has been finalized and released. Explore the mechanism of Triathon here:

To welcome the release of Triathon Whitepaper and celebrate the 1st BSC anniversary, We are going to launch a series of airdrop events!

Events Info

To participate in the events, users can win whitelist spots firstly to gain a blind box, and use the NFTs from the blind boxes to start mining. TRIAS worthy of $10000 and more rewards is waiting for you!

1. Win a whitelist spot

There will be 500 whitelist spots for Triasurers. Once you win the whitelist spot, you can get a blind box of NFTs, which will be useful on the coming mining event with TRIAS worthy of $10000 as rewards.


Community Updates

1.The Trias x DEGO mining event with 5000 TRIAS rewards has been launched. The mining power has reached 65434.07 and the APY is 69.72%. Check the event info here:


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