In the past year, the world was still in the shadow of COVID-19, but this did not hinder the growth of the blockchain industry. The NFT work Everyday The First 5000 Days by encryption artist Beeple was sold at a record price of US $69 million; Axie Infinity was the…


Hello everyone, welcome to our Roadshow today. I believe you are all excited about what we mentioned to be ‘extraordinary’. Today, our CEO @angbangr will share it with us. Let’s welcome Dr. Anbang Ruan!

Dr. Ruan: Hello everyone, it’s awesome to see you here again.

Host: Hi Dr. anbang…

Trias Mainnet is made up of 7 eco-projects in the Trias ecosystem: Triathon, Tusima, Ethanim, Octavius, Divina, Behemotum, and Leviatom. Each project has its own value proposition, technical architecture, token economy, applications, and ecosystem. On one hand, as individual projects, they each have their own mainnets and are made up…


Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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